Outback Series

Granny flats, studios, workspaces, or teenage retreats, these designs are compact and energy efficient. The Outback Series is our popular range of smaller kit homes suitable for a wide range of uses.

If you’re looking for our larger style family homes please view our Country Collection.

Or our ultra modern kit homes is the Urban Range.

Quality Granny Flats Give The Space You Need

Whether you need a smaller home or a simple granny flat to get more out of your land, our Outback Series is the perfect fit for you. We have designed the series to be space conscious and practical.
Whether you are downsizing or creating an additional income, a well planned granny flat provides great quality of life and allows for the maximum use of available space. Granny flats are a great way of boosting the value of a property as they inherently allow more people to live on the available land.

Granny Flat Kits For The Investor

For investors, granny flats are much more easily attainable with most regulations allow for a granny flat to be built on existing spare land, without needing to go through the process of sub-division and then attaining a second title. What this means is that you can place two rent receiving investments on the one property, both with separate doors, entry ways and a separated billing system. With these latest developments property owners everywhere are finding that they can greatly improve their investment yield without having to find the funds for massive capital outlays.

Country Kit Outback Series and Granny Flats

At Country Kit Homes we have over 50 years of experience in helping people like you find and build their dream home. Whether you are looking to downsize or take advantage of the rental market, we have the housing solution for you.

Barrington - $103,300

Bellingen - $68,050

Benalla - $123,100

Binda - $53,700

Dungowan - $49,450

Fitzroy - $67,400

Glencoe - $79,750

Gresford - $69,050